Developed to eliminate the need for the frequent maintenance

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So even if the bearing insert itself is made of chrome steel or strong stainless steel, in many industrial applications the housing is frequently made of plastic or lower grade stainless steel (304).

These combinations are then usually sealed with plastic caps, with or without seals, in order to keep out contaminants. In practice, it has often been found that these systems are not adequate.

External factors such as moisture and alignment errors impact negatively on the bearing system requiring the premature replacement of parts.

Traditional bearing units all contain ball-bearing inserts fitted with a spherical outer ring. The idea is that the bearing is self-aligning. However, this is not always the case in practice.

What usually happens is that the force on the shaft holds the outer ring firmly in the bearing housing, making it impossible to move and adjust itself. The forces generated cause damage to the balls, inner ring and ball race. Ultimately the bearing unit has to be replaced.

We developed the Extreme Bearing system on the basis of knowledge and experience gained in everyday practical situations.

Self-adjusting without friction


Extremely robust

Safety cover fastened with bolts

Up to 5 times stronger!

Standard assembed with labyrinthseals


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