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Triple protection to shield the bearing !

Designed for two types of bearing inserts

Extreme Bearing housings can be choisen equied with a Double-row spherical roller bearing or a Single-row spherical roller bearing.

The advance of the Single-row spherical roller bearing is that this bearing type is sealed by it shelf.

Type T – Self-aligning double row spherical roller bearings
E-Type Self-aligning single row spherical roller bearings

Triple barrier bearing labyrinth seal

Type T – Self-aligning double row spherical roller bearings

The Type E bearing seals are designed to provide an extra barrier to prevent contamination from entering the bearing.

Firstly, the housing seal made of rubber attached to the shaft provides a primary barrier. Secondly, the bearing housing is filled with grease to prevent contaminants from entering and damaging the bearing. Finally, there is a type of bearing seal called 2-RS to protect the bearing.

As standard, Type E bearings feature 2-RS bearing seals which differentiate this type from the unsealed Type T double row spherical roller bearings.
These Type E bearing seals and the lubricant are integrated into one system, so that the bearing can be kept sealed and greased for its lifetime without the need to refill.
The grease nipple on the bearing housing is intended to fill the rest of the Extreme Bearing housing with grease and so prevent water and contaminants from entering.

An Extreme Bearing unit with a Type E insert offers superior triple protection from harsh environments and extreme conditions.!

Triple protection to shield the bearing

  1. Bearing housing seals
  2. Grease-filled housing
  3. Bearing insert seals