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Sealing bearinghousings against contaminants

Extreme Bearing seals

An important advantage of Extreme Bearing block housings is that they can be fitted with different types of seals. Standard Extreme Bearing seals include radial seals, labyrinth seals, centrifugal seals. An we also provide PTFE seals and heavy-duty ceramic seals with a radial labyrinth.

The Extreme Bearing units, as a standard, are assembled with type AS radial seals. All seals are easy to install and  can be supplied separately. The standard seals are shown in table 1, with an overview of the seal type. And you can also see its design features and suitability for various operating conditions. Detailed information about standard and special seals can be found in the table.

SA Radial oil bearing shaft seals are the standard Extreme Bearing seals.

Excellent chemical resistance

A good option for difficult and extreme conditions.

Duo seal. The DS seal combines the advantages of two seals in a single seal set.

The WS seal is a wrapping seal, because it is wound around the shaft against the direction of rotation.

VK seals blue NBR rubber caps designed to closed the bearing unit when the shaft is ending in the bearing.

The Type E bearing seals are designed to provide an extra barrier to prevent contamination from entering the bearing
Grease is a great help to seal bearinghousings against contaminants