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EBL split plummer block bearing units

Split plummer block bearing made of 316 stainless steel

Extreme Bearing engineers have created a new corrosion-resistant generation of stainless steel plummer blocks. This generation EBL plummer block bearing housings are made of AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel, which makes them very suitable for application in the most difficult conditions and harsh environments!

Stainless steel plummer block for better protection against corrosion

EBL housings are well protected from corrosion. They are made of 316 stainless steel, which gives them superior corrosion-resistance in harsh environments. These bearing housings are much more suitable for extreme applications compared to any other conventional split bearing housing on the market.

A modular design concept for a wide range of options

SKF SNL Split plummerblock housings, EBL plummer block housings are split plummerblock bearing housings consisting of a cap and a base. They have two holes as standard cast into the base for attachment bolts.

The Stainless steel Split plummerblock housings are based on a modular design concept to enable a wider choice of bearings and seals, as well as a variety of bearing/shaft combinations and lubrication methods. This stainless steel split plummer block design allows for easy mounting and dismounting of pre-assembled shafts.

The Extreme bearing Stainless steel Split plummer block housings correspond to the standard series plummer block bearing units in dimensions SNHF,SNL,SNI,SNU,SNK,SNG,SNV

High quality seals

An important advantage of Extreme Bearing plummer block housings is that they can be fitted with different seal types. Double-lip seals are made of polyurethane, a wear-resistant material which has good elastic properties. The seals are split so that they are easy to fit. Extreme Bearing offers a wide range of sealing options including oil seals, labyrinth seals or heavy-duty face to face seals. Case end covers are also available.
EBL plummer block housings are supplied with spacer rings in order to provide axial location. These can be omitted for a “free end” axial front.

Typical industries

  • Food processing
  • Material handling
  • Beverage
  • Fluid machinery
  • Fishing
  • Package machinery

Easily replaceable

EBL housings can be used to replace common plummer block housings. In general, the same procedures and functionality (with regard to housing variants, sealing solutions, system design, lubrication, mounting, condition monitoring and accessories) apply to the EBL housings as to common cast iron housings.

The stainless steel Extreme Bearing unit is interchangeable with most known brands of housing and can therefore be used in existing machinery.

Grease escape hole with non-return valve

As standard, the excess grease escape hole is fitted with a non-return valve. This ensures that when the machine where the plummer block is mounted is cleaned by high-pressure jets, no water can penetrate into the bearing unit.

As an option, the excess grease escape hole can be equipped with a thread. This creates the opportunity of a hose being mounted to collect the excess grease. Also, this can ensure the continuous oil flow lubrication.

The solid stainless steel base

The new, optimized design of the plummer block housings, together with their superior grade of steel, makes them more robust compared to conventional split housings. In addition, the load ratings are higher in some directions. With a solid base and solid material around the holes for the attachment bolts, EBL housings are more robust than their predecessors.

Excellent heat dissipation

The solid stainless steel base makes for a large contact area between the base and the support surface. This reduces operating temperatures and increases the service life of the bearings, seals and lubricant.

Blue end-caps

To match the requirements in the food industry blue plastic end caps or cover seals are used. All of them are equipped with a rubber seal.

Polished bearing units available on request

For high-end solutions with high demands on hygiene, we can also supply mirror-like polished plummer blocks. In fact, we can supply all our bearing units with this kind of finish on request.

Download free drawings

Interchange schedule for split plummer block housings to stainless steel Extreme Bearing split plummer block housings

EBL-508Stainless steel SNU 508-607Stainless steel SES508-607Stainless steel SNHF 508Stainless steel SNL 508-607Stainless steel SNH 508-607Stainless steel SN508
EBL-509Stainless steel SNU 509Stainless steel SES509Stainless steel SNHF 509Stainless steel SNL 509Stainless steel SNH 509Stainless steel SN509
EBL-510Stainless steel SNU 510-608Stainless steel SES510-608Stainless steel SNHF 510Stainless steel SNL 510-608Stainless steel SNH 510-608Stainless steel SN510
EBL-511Stainless steel SNU 511-609Stainless steel SES511-609Stainless steel SNHF 511Stainless steel SNL 511-609Stainless steel SNH 511-609Stainless steel SN511
EBL-512Stainless steel SNU 512-610Stainless steel SES512-610Stainless steel SNHF 512Stainless steel SNL 512-610Stainless steel SNH 512-610Stainless steel SN512
EBL-513Stainless steel SNU 513-611Stainless steel SES513-611Stainless steel SNHF 513Stainless steel SNL 513-611Stainless steel SNH 513-611Stainless steel SN513
EBL-515Stainless steel SNU 515-612Stainless steel SES515-612Stainless steel SNHF 515Stainless steel SNL 515-612Stainless steel SNH 515-612Stainless steel SN515
EBL-516Stainless steel SNU 516-613Stainless steel SES516-613Stainless steel SNHF 516Stainless steel SNL 516-613Stainless steel SNH 516-613Stainless steel SN516
EBL-517Stainless steel SNU 517Stainless steel SES517Stainless steel SNHF 517Stainless steel SNL 517Stainless steel SNH 517Stainless steel SN517
EBL-518Stainless steel SNU 518-615Stainless steel SES518-615Stainless steel SNHF 518Stainless steel SNL 518-615Stainless steel SNH 518-615Stainless steel SN518
EBL-519Stainless steel SNU 519-616Stainless steel SES519-616Stainless steel SNHF 519Stainless steel SNL 519-616Stainless steel SNH 519-616Stainless steel SN519
EBL-520Stainless steel SNU 520-617Stainless steel SES520-617Stainless steel SNHF 520Stainless steel SNL 520-617Stainless steel SNH 520-617Stainless steel SN520
EBL-522Stainless steel SNU 522-619Stainless steel SES522-619Stainless steel SNHF 522Stainless steel SNL 522-619Stainless steel SNH 522-619Stainless steel SN522
Stainless steel SES618-318
EBL-208Stainless steel SNU 208-307Stainless steel SES208-307Stainless steel SNHF 208Stainless steel SNL 208-307Stainless steel SNH 208-307Stainless steel SN208
EBL-209Stainless steel SNU 209Stainless steel SES209Stainless steel SNHF 209Stainless steel SNL 209Stainless steel SNH 209Stainless steel SN209
EBL-210Stainless steel SNU 210Stainless steel SES210Stainless steel SNHF 210Stainless steel SNL 210Stainless steel SNH 210Stainless steel SN210
EBL-211Stainless steel SNU 211Stainless steel SES211Stainless steel SNHF 211Stainless steel SNL 211Stainless steel SNH 211Stainless steel SN211
EBL-212Stainless steel SNU 212Stainless steel SES212Stainless steel SNHF 212Stainless steel SNL 212Stainless steel SNH 212Stainless steel SN212
EBL-213Stainless steel SNU 213Stainless steel SES213Stainless steel SNHF 213Stainless steel SNL 213Stainless steel SNH 213Stainless steel SN213
EBL-215Stainless steel SNU 215Stainless steel SES215Stainless steel SNHF 215Stainless steel SNL 215Stainless steel SNH 215Stainless steel SN215
EBL-216Stainless steel SNU 216Stainless steel SES216Stainless steel SNHF 216Stainless steel SNL 216Stainless steel SNH 216Stainless steel SN216
EBL-217Stainless steel SNU 217Stainless steel SES217Stainless steel SNHF 217Stainless steel SNL 217Stainless steel SNH 217Stainless steel SN217
EBL-218Stainless steel SNU 218Stainless steel SES218Stainless steel SNHF 218Stainless steel SNL 218Stainless steel SNH 218Stainless steel SN218
EBL-219Stainless steel SNHF 219
EBL-220Stainless steel SNHF 220
EBL-222Stainless steel SNHF 222